Cabinet Color Changes

Let us update your kitchen cabinets with our color changing process!

Here are the steps we take:
  1. We start the job by removing all cabinet doors and drawer fronts.  In most cases, all removable pieces are brought back to our shop to be worked on.  We then mask off all floors, counters, and wall spaces in the kitchen area.  The cleaning process is the first step on the wood surfaces.  This is important because the cleaner removes all grease, oil, and loose finish to ensure good adhesion.  Next we hand sand the all the surfaces to create a smooth finish to the touch and sight.  Sanding is also critical so the stain and finish will adhere properly.  We restore any worn or damaged areas so the color will go on smoothly.
  2. Now the doors are ready for the coloring process to begin.   The styles, sidewalls, crown molding and baseboards are stained and sprayed in place in the masked off kitchen.  Many times customers have a favorite piece of furniture to give us a guide with the color palette. We design the color with you so we can achieve the perfect color that you want in your kitchen.  The grain of the wood still shows so they don’t look painted.  All surfaces are sprayed with a clear coat to seal them.  Once they are all dry we spray two more clear coats to protect and shine up the wood.
  3. The last day we carefully install and clean up the kitchen and garage areas.  The process takes 3 to 5 days depending on the size of the kitchen.  In the end you won’t recognize your kitchen.  It will bring a warm updated style to your existing cabinets as well as protecting them for years to come.